Q: I’m never sure how much talking is appropriate during a massage treatment. Is it ok if I just fall asleep or should I at least make an attempt at conversation?

A: It’s really up to the individual how much conversation happens during a given session. Before the treatment begins we’ll discuss your concerns and attempt to set some goals for the day but once you’re on the table the level of conversation is unique to each client. For some people, chatting during a treatment actually helps them let go of the day’s tension whereas with others it’s more important to focus internally and think only of their breathing or just to rest. It can sometimes take a while to determine what works for you along that spectrum but once you do, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for the experience you want. You should always communicate any information that’s important, such as a very tender area or a technique that’s not working for you and I will ask treatment related questions as I feel necessary but beyond that, we can chat as much or as little as you like.

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