It’s very difficult to distinguish between these different infections because their presentations are so similar, especially the symptoms of Covid and the flu. However, there are some symptoms that occur more frequently with one over another. To compare the symptoms for all of them check out this chart. Even with these distinctions, though, there are subtleties and variations in individual presentations that make distinguishing between them all less than certain without an actual test. 

This is why it’s so important this year to do everything we can to limit our exposure to ALL infections and protect ourselves whenever possible by following public health guidelines (distancing, hand washing, masks) and getting the flu shot. For more information check out this article from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre on Covid, influenza and how to stay safe. 

And if you’re feeling ill, please cancel your massage and stay home.  For more information on why massage therapy and illness don’t mix well, please click here.

Take care and stay safe.

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