Golfing is an a great form of exercise because it includes walking, lifting and repetitive arm movements giving you the benefits of aerobic and strengthening exercise programs all at once. As with any exercise, however, it can also lead to strain or injury. Simple precautions can do alot to keep you golfing all season. The best tips include:

*Stretch gently and do some warm-up swings before actually hitting the ball

*Choose equipment to match your skill level and body type

*Hold clubs in a loose, comfortable grip to reduce strain on your hand and forearm

*Wear a glove to improve your grip

*Wear clothing that doesn’t restrict movement and offers protection from the sun

*Keep hydrated. Your body needs fluids to move effectively even on a cooler day.

*Golf bags with two straps help distribute weight evenly. If using a bag with one strap alternate sides regularly to reduce strain.

*Take breaks, rest your back and do a few stretches throughout the session, and if you find your bag is getting too heavy.

* Use proper body mechanics by bending with your knees and keeping your back as straight as possible when picking up or placing golf balls, tees or bags.

* Start your season slowly if you haven’t been active over the winter. Consider playing 9 holes at first rather than the full 18.

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