Pediatric Massage

At Any Age

We can all benefit from healing hands, no matter what age or stage of life we’re in. Infants are adjusting to the world outside the womb while young children are adapting to greater mobility. Older children are testing their limits (and yours!) as they climb, jump and run in every direction while teenagers are working and studying towards eventual independence.

Massage therapy can be of great help along this road and it can look very different from an adult treatment. Individual developmental and cognitive needs are always taken into consideration but other factors play a role as well.

  • Infant massage is done best in short bursts to prevent overstimulation and techniques are demonstrated on a doll if baby falls asleep or needs a break.
  • Young children are encouraged to move and talk as much as they need to, especially if this is what they need to unwind. I may also utilize stories and imagery to help them connect with their bodies and process feelings that can manifest as body pain or stress.
  • Tweens and teens are still undergoing significant physical and developmental changes even though they can look like adults. Depending on their age, bones may not be completely fused and sensory receptors can be more fragile which calls for greater caution during manual therapy.

Massage helps to foster body awareness and agency over oneself by encouraging communication on where and how a child wants to be touched. Knowing that they are always in charge of their massage helps with confidence and resilience in daily life.

Special care is taken so that every child is comfortable with their treatment choices and knows that their wants and needs will be taken seriously. A parent is always welcome in the treatment room and I will happily coach them on how to perform specific techniques at the child’s request.

Although in-person treatments are once again available, I know that some parents are still uncomfortable with face-to-face contact so I also offer online coaching. This can be very helpful for infant massage instruction. Click here for details.

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