Massage, Aromatherapy and Bath Products

I’ve devoted a bit of time over the last few years into developing a few select products and remedies. It’s certianly not the focus of my practice but I have fun making them. They’re formulated to provide therapeutic benefits and aid in self-care at home.

I make and package these products in small batches and have limited stock but with enough notice I can even accommodate larger quantities.  For more information on how to use aromatherapy products safely and effectively please click here.

Essential Oil Singles

Essential oils are the concentrated aromatic essences of a plants’ roots, petals, seeds or peel.  They are a complicated combination of naturally occurring chemicals, which the plant itself produces through photosythesis.

These single scents are comprised of 100% pure essential oils extracted either by distillation or cold processing.

External use only. Dilute before use. Please refer to my Aromatherapy Safety Guide for more information.

Dropper Bottle – 15ml

Blood Orange           $6 

Eucalyptus                $7

Frankincense            $8

Geranium                 $12

Lavender                   $8

Lemon                        $6

Lemongrass              $6

Lime                           $6

Peppermint              $10

Tea Tree                     $8


Essential Oil Blends

The individual properties of an essential oil can be greatly enhanced when blended well with one or more other oil. These 100% pure essential oil blends are synergistically formulated for specific therapeutic effect.

It’s important to note, however, that essential oils are not medicine and should not be utilized as such.

External use only. Dilute before use. Please refer to my Aromatherapy Safety Guide for more information.

Dropper Bottle   15ml  Formulations

Fitness                    $10

Focus                       $8

Grounding              $11

Immunity                 $6

Invigorating           $12

Relaxation                $9

Sinus                       $10

Tranquility              $10

Vitality                     $10


For the Bath

Himalayan Bath Salts (unscented)

Rich in 80 minerals and trace elements including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron.  Makes for both a relaxing and invigorating bath experience and can be tailored to individual needs by adding a few drops of any diluted essential oil or blend.

250 g             $10

750 g             $20

Magnesium Bath Flakes (unscented)

Magnesium chloride flakes absorb easily through the skin once diluted in a bath or foot soak relieving muscle and joint aches, dry skin conditions (ie. eczema and psoriasis) as well as inflammation. 1 cup of flakes contains approximately 15g of elemental magnesium. Add any essential oil for a tailored experience.

200 g.              $10

600 g               $17

Bath Bombs

Add a little zip to your bath with an explosion of aromatherapy. Ingredients

Lemon          $3

Lavender      $3

Vanilla          $3

Massage Products

These products are made with a view to promoting self-massage and care at home.  They are left unscented for simplicity but can easily be tailored to individual tastes by adding a few drops of any essential oil or blend for a unique experience.

Coconut Massage Oil 

This 100% coconut oil is refined, bleached and deodorized.  It’s the same one I use in my massage treatments and is suitable for all ages from infants to adults.

120 ml         $7

Unscented Massage Lotion 

Enriched with shea butter, rosehip and apricot oil.  A great option for when a more absorbable massage medium as needed. Ingredients 

120 ml         $7

Unscented Body Butter

More of a moisturizer than a massage medium this cream is a great option for deeper work.  It has a rich, velvety feel and absorbs quickly. Ingredients

240 ml            $16

Unscented Facial Butter

This luxurious cream is pH-balanced and fortified with Sunflower and Jojoba Oil for long-lasting moisture and a velvety finish. Ingredients

120 ml.           $10

Baby Massage Oil  (scented)

This soothing blend is comprised of coconut oil and jojoba oil (rich in Vitamin E) and is lightly scented with lavender and orange essential oils.

Note: For newborns, an unscented oil like the coconut oil above is advised. See my Aromatherapy Safety Guide for more information.

120 ml.         $10

For Aches and Pains

These concentrated topical formulations are designed to address particular concerns. They should be used sparingly as a little goes a long way. External use only.

Muscle and Joint Rub (sold out)

This cooling rub will help reduce inflammation and muscle aches.  It promotes tissue recovery after injury or overexertion.  Ingredients

100 g               $10

Pain Relief Balm

This warming balm will help increase circulation and ease pain and tension. It’s best suited to chronic conditions and ongoing discomfort. Ingredients

30 g                  $6

Magnesium Oil

This topical magnesium is comprised of magnesium chloride flakes and distilled water. It absorbs quickly to alleviate sharp muscle pain and spasm.

120 ml                $6

For the Home

Room Spray

Comprised of 100% essential oil, alcohol and distilled water these scents will freshen and enhance the atmosphere of any room.  The alcohol helps to disperse the oil but a quick shake before use is recommended.

Lavender       120 ml         $7

Eucalyptus.   120 ml.       $6 (sold out)

Home Care Tools

Lacrosse Ball

A very firm ball for rolling out sore muscles and tender spots especially in the arches and hips (glutes).

Each ball           $7

Pinky Ball

A moderately firm ball for rolling out sore muscles and tender spots especially in the upper back and shoulders.

Each ball           $7

Hot/Cold Pack

A soft, reusable, non-toxic gel pack that stays flexible when frozen. Microwave safe for ease of use when heat is needed.

6″ x 11″               $6

Gift Baskets and Bags

I offer a few options for presentation if you’re purchasing products as gifts and don’t have time to make them pretty at home.  Each will have some decoration and/or bow as well as an accompanying guide on how to use aromatherapy products safely which can also be accessed online here. For more visuals check out my product gallery.

Cello bag                              $2

Small square basket           $5

Small long basket                $6

Small basket with lid           $6

Large square basket           $10

Some products have additional ingredients beyond the above descriptions. For details please click here.

PLEASE NOTE: My inventory and prices are based on my costs which can change as I replenish my ingredients and supplies. I try to keep them consistent but they are subject to change without notice. The above prices include all applicable taxes. 

TO ORDER: Please email your selections to  Upon receipt of your order, I will check my stock and confirm.  Onsite/curbside pick up only – NO SHIPPING. Same day order fulfillment if products are in stock. Allow 1-2 business days for basket assembly. I accept cash, cheque, Debit, etransfer, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Googlepay and Applepay.

 IMPORTANT: All products are for external use only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The  statements and product descriptions shown are strictly for information purposes only. Professional medical advice should be obtained by anyone who is pregnant, on medication or under the care of a medical practitioner before use.