Q: Why does my nose always get stuffed up when I get a massage?

A: Almost everybody gets congested when they are in the “face down” or prone position. This happens due to the location of your sinuses and their ducts which are located in the front of your face.  As you lie face down, nasal fluids gather with gravity and temporarily block the sinus ducts.  The face cradle can occasionally be adjusted to place pressure on the ducts which will prevent congestion but the success of this depends on your facial anatomy in relation to the structure of the cradle.

In any case, the congestion will dissipate relatively quickly once you roll onto your back.  If you are bothered by this sensation a few drops of Eucalyptus oil on a tissue can be placed on your arm platform to help keep sinuses clear.    You can also ask for a facial massage at the end of your treatment.

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