TMJ Massage

Jaw Dropping

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder can present in a number of ways including jaw pain, locking, clicking, headaches, ear pain/tinnitus, tooth pain and difficulty with speech/swallowing. Varying causes can include overuse, posture, clenching, grinding, stress and dental work.

A TMJ massage focuses on the muscles of the jaw, ear, head and neck. It will involve massage to the scalp, face and outside of the cheek and may include intra-oral work to reach deeper tissues. If intra-oral work is indicated, the therapist will wear sterile gloves.  As part of a longer session, this treatment can also include all or part of a full-body massage.

Covid-19 Precautions: If intra-oral work is indicated,¬†both the patient and therapist will wear a face shield. The edge of the patient’s mask will be manipulated in order to allow for work inside the mouth but not removed.

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